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OnTV employs a team of experienced Web developers who will work hard to craft a site that will best serve your needs. While we are fully capable of creating virtually every "whiz bang" feature available on the Web, we firmly believe that it's best to create a site that is easy to navigate, and is tuned to meet your objectives. In other words we provide clean, functional sites without the spinning, flashing, noisy attributes that other designers tend to inflict on their sites solely because "they can."

OnTV specializes in creating sites that empower their owners to make modifications easily and instantly. OnTV's Participage® capability allows site owners to edit text as often as they wish at no additional charge. We are also experts at creating sophisticated databases that can automate a myriad of tasks.

To make things simple, we offer a "starter Web site package" that includes elements described below. Many people find that this is a good, affordable way to get a small business exposed on the Internet. Most customers want more than the basics, and we encourage people to contact us so we can discuss the appropriate site components that will meet their needs and budgets.

OnTV's Starter Web Site Package:

We offer the following elements for an initial cost of $599. This amount covers the design, hosting, and domain registration fees for the first year. After that, simply pay our annual hosting fee of $300.

  • Domain Registration
  • Single-Page Web Site/Graphical Design
  • Include up to three photos (you provide either digital or physical photos)
  • 30 GB Monthly Transfer
  • 5 Email Aliases
  • Contact Us form
  • Starter Package sites can always grow to meet future needs!

Again, this is only a "starter" package; most businesses desire deeper sites with added functionality. Rather than attempt to anticipate an infinite number of scenarios in order to develop additional packages, we prefer to carefully examine your needs and propose an appropriate solution for your unique situation. Please contact us to arrange a meeting.


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